It's very easy to get caught up in the hype around automation. All the talk of AI driven robotic process automation is great and can yield enormous value and huge business efficiencies. However, unless data and systems are correctly understood and aligned there's little point in trying to automate a process. Automating business processes without sorting these issues just ensures that you're more likely to be doing bad things quickly. Our approach to automation looks at process top-down whilst analysing data and systems bottom up. We believe this is the most efficient and effective way to achieve real value from automation.

Built over many years, we have acquired the knowledge, experience, tools and systems to analyse your business and deliver automation benefits that evolve with you and your business. We pride ourselves on delivering value through clear communication, transparent process and a lighthearted approach to business. Not only this, but we stand behind our work and offer an on-going 12 month ROI guarantee.

Introducing change into a company is never straightforward. Digital transformation projects can be complex, time consuming, overly expensive, and regularly fail to deliver if not implemented correctly. At Amberley we start with people. We deeply understand the problem that needs solving, and then look to technology to deliver the transformation required. Tried and tested, our five-step process, outlined below, works.

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