You have increased resources, but a huge job on your hands, with all departments pushing to be prioritised. And you must still carry out your lights-on activities.

Automation is often the only way the IT team can deliver what is dictated by the board within budget, and anywhere close to the needed deadlines. However, this can come at the expense of the IT teams own use of automation, and they fail to benefit from the very efficiencies they deliver elsewhere in the business.

B-POwA - Business Process Optimisation with Automation is a light touch, minimum intervention method of facilitating change and adjustment, transforming your work.

We start with understanding. Mapping your existing processes - we discover bottlenecks, difficulties and sticking points.

Our expert team of engineers then work with you to build your success - fast, frictionless systems that produce accurate results every time - using small interventions that yield vast results.

Once the solution is deployed, we ensure everyone is trained and on board, then partner with you to measure, monitor and enhance your systems.

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