Automating HR processes using the B-POwA process can streamline workflows, ensure processes are consistent, reduce errors, and help you save time and money, freeing up budget for strategic initiatives.

According to 2019 research by Hays, greater automation has decreased admin tasks for nearly half (49%) of HR employers, and 30% of HR professionals.

B-POwA - Business Process Optimisation with Automation is a light touch, minimum intervention method of facilitating change and adjustment, transforming your work.

We start with understanding. Mapping your existing processes - we discover bottlenecks, difficulties and sticking points.

Our expert team of engineers then work with you to build your success - fast, frictionless systems that produce accurate results every time - using small interventions that yield vast results.

Once the solution is deployed, we ensure everyone is trained and on board, then partner with you to measure, monitor and enhance your systems.

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