Creating a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) should be straightforward. But how do you ensure people are using the right document version and filling in the right information? 

This example of an automation shows how the process can be started and finished in one minute using a common tool like Teams or Slack. 

First, the automation allows the user to pull up to date information from Companies House to populate the NDA, and then to select the type of NDA needed. The correct document version is then pulled from the document store (and not from the desktop where it was saved 18 months ago!). The NDA is then sent to the recipient via an e-sign, in this instance AdobeSign but could just as easily be DocuSign.This is all done in under a minute, and the resulting document is error free and fully compliant. 

Simple for the end user and great for the company. Imagine if all your processes where this simple. 

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The NDA example shows just how easy it can be to combine multiple sources of information and multiple applications into one easy to use process.

Imagine where this could be used in your every day work. Do you ever have to rekey data, do you need to look in multiple places for information, do you use excel for things other than calculations?

Are you at risk of errors? Do you waste time doing repetitive tasks? Do you have multiple systems running in parallel

Freeing up just one hour a week buys you one and a half weeks of time over the year. 

Imagine these small improvements in efficiency across your team, your department, your company. 

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